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Landon Metz
This is the last poem that will
ever fashion it’s backbone from
the hollow echo of your name.
What is gone is dead. Ok.
I can’t keep aching for you.
Last week I was in Montana.
The night sky is so big there it
swallows you. There was a time
I would have looked up at the stars
and thanked you for hanging them.
Enough. Enough of that now.
All day long I’ve been thinking
I’m safer alone.
by Montana, Clementine von Radics

(Source: clementinevonradics)

When you ask me to describe fear I say my mother
smelling vodka on my breath at seventeen. I say loss
is trauma stealing an entire month from my memories.
Superheroes always have broken hearts and tragic
back stories so maybe I’m doing OK. In my dreams we
are brave enough to leap tall buildings in a single
bound and see through walls and also never lie to
each other.

Promise me this: when you finally leave me, you’ll
get creative. Tell me I was more disappointing than
your childhood. Send me your bloody ear with a letter
saying “I’ve got to Gogh. You’re making me crazy.”
I am hard to love but know this much: you are the
only thing I like doing more than writing poems.

by Superheroes, Clementine von Radics

(Source: clementinevonradics)


Rhino soccer bag.

Jack’s Bait & Tackle, 2013


I’m curating my second show for MOPLA, and this time it’s tangible! WISH YOU WERE HERE - A postcard show featuring the work of 30 different photographers, opening Thursday, April 25th in DTLA. Check the sweet flyer (designed by my buddy Chad Kouri) for deets!

Will be featuring some photos from the postcard show I’m curating!

A Common Vision, Artist’s Book, 2012
More info here:

 Kewpee, 2013

Chicken and Gravy- Topeka, Kansas/ 2013

Biggie Best, 2013

Ultrasonic LC 20 H with Orange and Yellow